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Company Culture

Corporate values
  • responsibility.
    Responsible for employees, responsible for customers, responsible for dairy farming and partners, responsible for shareholders, and responsible for society.
    Be a responsible company and employee.
  • respect.
    Only by respecting others can we win the respect of others, build a culture of mutual respect, make everyone feel great and noble, and feel the meaning of life at work.
  • honest.
    The heart is consistent with words and deeds, not false. Only by being honest can you do things steadfastly, and only by doing things steadfastly can you go a long way.
  • credible.
    Believable, trustworthy, authentic.
  • Serve.
    Everyone must have a service mentality, serve customers, dairy farmers, and suppliers well; superiors serve subordinates, production serves sales, sales serve the market, the market serves consumers, and functions serve business departments.
  • win-win.
    In doing everything, you can't only consider your own interests, you must first consider the interests of others before you can gain benefits.